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Welcome to Richard Holroyd Landscape Photography

The pictures in each collection are inspired by the simple beauty of the natural landscape and also by the way human beings have shaped and made their mark on it. You can see some of my pictures in the books ‘Working the Light’ and in ‘Developing Vision & Style’. I make most of my photographs using large format cameras. It is only in partnership with this strange, archaic looking camera that I can create the pictures that you will see in the collections.

I also run my PhotoCoach™ workshops.These workshops focus on developing your unique style as a photographer. I hope that you enjoy your visit. You can buy prints of my pictures and cards from the shop


PhotoCoach™ Workshops

A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out

This is a one-day experience working alongside me on one of my field trips. As my goal is creating pictures, time for coaching will be limited. You can learn by observing me at work and, of course, asking questions.  You will also be able to make your own pictures using your own camera. You will see how I make my pictures; my decisions around selecting viewpoints, composition, choice of lens, choice of film, exposure and filtration.

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Whats Happening

Black+White Photography

17th March 2015

I don’t usually recommend ‘photo magazines’ especially landscape mags as I think they offer far too many ‘The Top 10 Tips of…........’ you name it articles. Black+White Photography is a classy mag.


Sabastiao Salgado Genesis Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London

21st August 2013

Running until the 8th September, this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see such a breathtaking body of work